Montana Locker Room Privacy Act (HB 609)

“Last Friday a bill, HB 609, was introduced in the MT House that proposes to set a referendum on the issue of whether trans people should be allowed to use the public bathroom, locker room, or other such facility most comfortable for them. This bill, if passed and approved by referendum, would require persons to use the facility designated for their “immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth” or else the owner of the facility could face a civil lawsuit.”

“As a trans man and a state employee myself, and more importantly as someone who intimately understands the life-threatening abuse, harassment, and psychological and social trauma that trans kids experience in the sort of hostile environments that laws and policies like these promote, I would like to specially request that you contact your House representatives and representatives on the House Judicial Committee, to OPPOSE giving the government the power to pry into kids’ and other citizens’ underwear to determine whether, when, and how they will be permitted to utilize basic and necessary public facilities. This bill utilizes a non-scientific definition of “sex” to address a non-existent problem and fuels harassment and discrimination that disproportionately impacts the most marginalized and powerless at the most vulnerable and formative point in their lives.”

“This bill is set for its first hearing by the House Judicial Committee this Thursday, March 23, 2017.”

Call: (406) 444-4800 to voice your opinion.

Author: Ben Earl

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