Rob Quist, the Democratic Candidate for the US Congressional Seat

Many people have been asking about Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate for the US congressional seat vacated by Zinke when he became Secretary of the interior.  The following is a collection of links with short descriptions of what their contents are.  We have included articles that may not be very flattering to Rob as we believe you are all very smart people and want to know as much as you can so you can talk responsibly and intelligently on this topic.

Also you will find links about Rob’s opponent Greg Gianforte so that you have a good idea and background on him as well.

Please feel free to comment on this post with new articles as they become available or anything we may have missed while putting this together.  Also if you have a source for campaign ads we would like to add them to this collection.  Thanks!

Bozeman Magazine interview from February 2017.  This interview is well worth the listen as gives the listener  a peek at what type a person Rob Quist is.  He is personable and humble.

This article from the Great Falls Tribune is a nice profile.

From Billings:

Mansfield Dinner report:

Huffington Posts commentary on Trump anger helping Special elections:

Another Huffington Post article about Rob’s chances and their take on his political stance:

This is a short article about Quist’s tax issues and default on a loan:

Rob Quist’s request for us to share our insurance and medical stories:

The Daily Kos reporting of Quist being ahead in the polls, this is probably based on the liberal island island of Bozeman and the Chronicle’s not so scientific polling from their web page:

We all love the Montana Cowgirl blog and it’s insightful cynicism, especially when the laser beam is focused on GG’s nefarious exploits:

GG’s crazy comments on Noah never taking retirement:

A Great Falls Tribune article about GG running for Governor and his family’s donations to the Creationism Museum:
This article just out of High Country News does a nice job of outlining the quirky aspects of this election.

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