Bozeman Citizens Climate Lobby Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

6:15: New member orientation

7:00 pm Regular Meeting

Location: St. James Episcopal Church, 5 West Olive and Tracy, Bozeman

Meet up with people who care about climate and are making progress toward lowering GHG emissions by 33% below 1990 levels in 10 years!

We’re working with Congress toward a bipartisan, free market, legislative solution called Carbon Fee and Dividend. It puts a price on pollution, and returns the revenue to people in a monthly dividend, while protecting people with low incomes, and boosting the economy!

Find out more at the new member welcome, orientation, and snacks at 6:15 pm. Come at 7:00 pm to see citizen training and empowerment in action!

Location: St. James Episcopal Church, 5 West Olive and Tracy, one block east of So. Willson by the Children’s Museum. Entrance is up the ramp to the red door.

6:15: New member orientation: Come early to get acquainted with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, the Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal and us! Time for questions and snacks for continuing members and newcomers alike!

7:00 pm Regular Meeting

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