Our 3 Focal Points for the Upcoming May Special Election

We have a BIG job to do and I am 100% CONFIDENT we can do this!!!! Let’s not doubt our ability to be successful…….let’s instead decide to take massive action!!

Here we go! We have less than a month, so now is the time. What happens over these next days will catapault us into another realm. The NATIONAL MEDIA is watching, but we gotta give ’em a good story. #GRASSROOTSFORTHEWIN, baby!

Here’s what that looks like! This is our focus:


This document is going to be a KEY resource for everyone in Montana. It contains VOTER REG/POLLING info, by county, for the entire state. Click here to see what’s happening in your county.


We are working with the Quist Campaign/Dem Party to provide access to phone banking information so you can make calls from home. Or have a Phone-Banking event at YOUR house, where you gather with friends to make calls together.

Instructions for Phone Banking From Home:
Make a call that could win the race for Rob Quist for Congress. Click here to create your own account. You will be taken to a your first name to call page. Although you will see 3 basic questions to ask, please have Rob Quist talking points with you. Click here to see Rob’s Talking Points Flyer. These calls are going to Voters who have voted as Democrats in the past, but may be on the fence now or didn’t vote in November. We want to make sure they get to the poles on May 25th and vote for Rob.

Taking only 1/2 hour a day to make calls will be a great help in getting Rob elected.


Talking to people and canvassing neighborhoods on foot is CRUCIAL! We are working with the Quist Campaign and will be launching “WHITE HAT WEEKENDS” ACROSS THE ENTIRE STATE, starting now and continuing EVERY WEEKEND until the election. Get yourself a white cowboy hat, grab 5 friends so you can pair off in twos.

Click here to sign up for “White Hat Weekends”.

You’ll be contacted by someone from one of these offices, OR call the contact listed below.

422 E. Mendenhall St.
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 924-9945
Contact: Clarissa Gentry

Great Falls
1112 7th S.
Great Falls, MT 59405
Contact: Nation Garza

303 N Ewing
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 442-9520
Contact: John Fauerbach

343 1st Ave West
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 858-0090
Contact: Casey Prichard

345 West Front St. #C
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 303-0551
Contact: Sue Tarpey

Location 510 N. 29th Street (Back entrance)
(406) 413-5960
Contact: Blake Thompson

Location TBD
Contact: John Fauerbach

Rural MT 
Contact: Dan West
dan@robquist.org (406)529-4393
Dan will coordinate all activities in the rural areas!!! We need you, rural Montana!!! Woo hoo!!!

Here is an excellent document about our Candidate and detailing where he stands on the issues.

We can do this! Let’s pull together and get Rob Quist elected!

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